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Touch Up Paint


Touch Up Paint


Touch Up Paint

After all the investment and work to design, develop, source, fabricate, sell, pack and ship your product, the last thing you want to hear is that it got damaged during fabrication, transit or installation. It all comes undone with a scratch. But an associate, installer or customer with a touch up paint pen, brush cap bottle or spray paint precisely matched to your product might save a lot of headaches, last-minute scrambling and money. MyPerfectColor specializes in exact match touch up paint solutions for businesses. A true touch up paint solution is formulated to precisely match the color and sheen of your production finish.

Our expert team will match the color and finish of your product or facility to your specifications, and provide this perfectly matched paint in whatever packaging is most useful for your application. Whether you need paint pens, one-ounce jars with a built-in brush cap for hassle-free and mess-free touching up of small imperfections on-site, aerosol spray cans, half-pint, pint, quarts, gallons or five gallon cans - MyPerfectColor can provide the solution that will best meet your specific needs. MyPerfectColor will ship your solution to any destination nationwide, and most orders are fulfilled and shipped within one to two business days. No minimum order size and special quantity and bulk-pricing is available. Read more about our Custom Color Matching Services. We match metallic finishes and can provide private labeling.

Ask us how we can create a touch up paint program tailored to meet your specific needs.

In some cases, especially if matching to a standard powder coat, MyPerfectColor may already have formulated a match for your coating. You can start by searching our database to see if we already have your finish.

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FAQs about Touch Up Paint

How do I repair scratched powder coating?
There are several ways to repair a scratched powder coating. In a case of severe damage, the part may need to be completely stripped and re-powder coated. Some types of powder coatings allow repainted finish to go over a previously painted part with no prep work but this is not always possible and the repainted area most likely will not be as durable. Some very minor scratches may be removed via buffing. You can also use a liquid touch up paint. This is MyPerfectColor’s specialty as we will precisely match both the color and sheen of the powder coat so you can repair the damage. The liquid coating isn’t as durable as the original powder coatings, but we use a strong acrylic enamel designed to dry fast and hard and stick very well to powder coatings. Learn more about our custom color matching services.
How long does it take to create a touch-up paint?
It usually takes about a week to custom formulate a touch up grade paint, but this depends on our backlog and the match difficulty. We can speed it up if your need is urgent, but sometimes we need time to get the match as close as possible. As the match gets more precise, we need to let the paint dry thoroughly between each iteration and this adds time to the process. Once we have a match we can make reorders very quickly. Learn more about timing of paint deliveries.
How big a part do you need to create a touch-up?
Ideally you could provide a flat, smooth part that is at least 2” by 4” so we can use all of our instruments and more easily gauge the match quality. Rounded, textured and very small parts increase the difficulty in both measuring and evaluating the match quality. We will do our best and work with whatever you have. We understand that perfect samples are not always available. Learn more about our custom spray paint options.
Do I need a paint pen, touch-up bottle, or aerosol?
The choice of touch up paint applicator depends on personal preference and the type of repair. Paint pens are barrels filled with paint with an actuated tip. When the tip is depressed the paint can flow. These work really well for scratches and pin holes. Brush in cap bottles (like a nail polish bottle) also work really well for scratches, chips and pin holes. Pens and bottles are very similar and mostly it comes down to personal preference. Spray paint works great for larger areas, scuffs, repainting and painting ancillary items needing painting. We make it very easy to mix and match. For a small amount more you can add on all different types and experiment to find out what you like. Learn more about our different spray and touch up paint applicators.



Touch Up Paint for a Wide Range of Industries


Paint Matching Any Color Standard

In cases where you cannot send a part or color sample, or if a precise match to your particular finish isn't required, you can choose a generic color standard. MyPerfectColor offers paint matched to more than 250,000 current and discontinued paint colors across more than 100 color standards including Pantone®, RALFed Std 595CBenjamin MooreSherwin WilliamsBehrRalph LaurenMartha Stewart, and many more... including Graffiti / Spray-focused brands such as Montana GOLD true tone colors. Browse by Paint Company / Brand.


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