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Pantone paint colors

PANTONE® Color Matched Paint

MyPerfectColor has accurately reproduced upwards of 14,000 Pantone Colors in an array of different paints such as spray paint, quarts, gallons and more, and as an official licensee of Pantone, we are authorized to match and produce any colors for any application.

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Our Experience Matching Pantone Colors in Paint

Our experience matching Pantone Colors in paint is second to none, so naturally when Pantone was looking to paint an installation featuring its 2019 Color of the Year (PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral) during Art Basel Miami they called us. You can see the full story here.

Pantone Living Coral 16-1546

More Color Collections

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The History of Pantone

Pantone started out as a commercial printing company based in New Jersey during the 1950s run by M & J Levine Advertising. The two brothers that ran the company at the time hired Lawrence Herbert to work alongside them part time. By the early 1960s, Herbert was profiting in the ink and printing division he was working within, and as a result of the commercial-display division being $50,000 in debt, Herbert bought the other division for $90,000 and renamed the company to Pantone. In 2007, Pantone was purchased for $180,000,000 by X-Rite, which was acquired later in 2012 by Danaher Corporation.

Currently, Pantone is best known and renowned for its Pantone Matching System, a system that countless manufacturers refer to in order to see if the color they are looking for lines up with any color in Pantone’s color space. Pantone’s colors are almost always the colors used in branding, with many even being the military standard. The company’s matching system is standardized in many areas of the world, and this allows for reference without needing two or more colors to be in direct contact to identify a match.

Pantone Historical Timeline

What is a color space?

Pantone uses a color space to help manufacturers match two or more colors, but what exactly is a color space? Simply put, a color space is an assortment of colors. When used in conjunction with physical device profiling, the colors can be reproduced in a physical or digital manner. Pantone’s color spaces are home to thousands of different and unique colors, many of which are used in commercial branding.

Pantone®’s Role in Painting

It is important to note that Pantone does not produce or sell paint. Pantone’s color spaces are home to countless colors that are used consistently by brands all around, making those colors a staple and standard. Pantone provides what is essentially a language consisting purely of colors, each of which can be communicated and designated for specific purposes.

Finding Pantone Colors in a paint is where MyPerfectColor comes in. As a licensee, MyPerfectColor has authority to produce colors from the Pantone Matching System in many different styles of paint, from spray paint to industrial urethane paint.

Pantone Colors are used in almost any type of manufacturing imaginable.

Difficulties of Matching Pantone® Colors in Paint

Matching some colors may be easier than it would be for others for several reasons. When converting a color to an analog paint as opposed to its digital format, we have to consider how the color may look in direct lighting or from specific angles. For example, viewing reds at certain angles in abnormal bright lighting may give them more of an orange look, and similarly, brighter blues may look cyan, or white.

Manufacturing processes, paint capability limitations, may also change the final, or actual nature of some colors, and it isn’t easy to compensate for that, and as such there are a lot of precautionary measures we try to take to ensure that to paint colors we produce will line up with Pantone’s original color as closely as possible.

Pantone Paint Colors for Prototyping

Due to the huge selection of colors and integration into most graphic design and modeling software applications, Pantone colors are very popular for product development. Firms doing product development, model building, prototyping, and packaging design, often need Pantone paint colors in order to build physical models and prototypes for user testing, executive review, and photography. MyperfectColor provides paint in Pantone colors to many leading brands and product development firms. Learn more about paint for prototyping.

Pantone Paint Colors for Branding Applications

Pantone colors are often used as the standard for brand colors. Signs, displays and exhibits often need to be painted to match these brand colors. MyPerfectColor's ability to deliver paint matching Pantone colors enables sign fabricators, brand agencies, printers, display and exhibit fabricators, retailers, and other marketers, to meet the branding needs of their clients. Learn more about paint for signs, display and exhibit applications



Other Pantone Paint Projects

Purple 3D printed yahoo mail globe

MyPerfectColor matched all 16 Pantone shades of purple including Pantone PMS 2735 U, Pantone PMS 2587 U and Pantone PMS 257 C.

You can see the full story here.

Mudtrooper in the jungle with a muddy helmet

The Pantone 433 U Paint is what gives the mudtrooper its distinctive look.

You can see the full story here.


FAQs about Pantone

When will I get my Pantone Color Matched Paint?
We understand our clients are usually on very tight timelines and we always do our best to get your Pantone color maatched paint shipped as quickly as possible. Please indicate the date you need it by in the order comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If you need guaranteed shipment within 1 business day we do offer an Expedited Production option available during checkout. If you have any questions or concers please contact us. Most orders ship within 2-3 days and 70% of orders ship within 48 hours. Learn more about paint delivery times.
Does Pantone make paint?
No, Pantone does not make paint. Pantone provides color standards used by brands and manufacturers. Originally designed as a standard for printers, the Pantone standards provide a universal language of color enabling people to communicate color and set color specifications. Pantone does not provide paint. MyPerfectColor is an official licensee of Pantone and authorized to reproduce the Pantone Matching System colors in spray paint, pints, gallons and more. Learn more about our paint color matching service.
Can I use a Pantone color code for a touch-up application?

Unfortunately, no.

Manufacturers sometimes specify Pantone color codes as a touch up solution for their products, but Pantone colors do not work well as a proxy for a touch-up solution.

There are several reasons why. First, a Pantone code doesn't include any information about sheen. Second, Pantone color tolerances are not tight enough for touch-up applications. The Pantone Matching System was designed as an ink standard and the color swatches across color books vary too much to be used as a touch-up standard. Third, the methods often used by a manufacturer to determine which Pantone color code to use also has error which compounds the problem.

Touch up paint needs to be very precise. The smallest difference stands out like a flashing light and after seeing hundreds of examples of both production parts and the specified Pantone color code that is supposed to match, we can tell you that 99% of the time the color is pretty far off.

When we match Pantone colors we are matching to a swatch in a Pantone book - not to your product.

The only way to provide a true touch-up solution for your product is to precisely match the sheen and color of a production part or control standard. Unfortunately, there isn't an effective way to 'spec' the color well enough to produce a touch-up without a physical part.

Read more about using Pantone for touch-up.

Learn more about our paint color matching service.

What is Pantone color used for?
Pantone offers a huge set of colors that graphic, fashion and industrial designers use to create and communicate color specifications for products, experiences and corporate identity. Learn more about paint for printers, signage and marketing applications.
Can you make Paint in Any Pantone Color?
MyPerfectColor offers 14,285 different Pantone colors in spray paint as well as many other types including paint pens, brush-in-cap bottles, direct-to-metal alkyds and acrylics, interior and exterior wall paint, and even two-part epoxies and urethanes. Visit any Pantone color page on MyPerfectColor to see the available options and pricing. Learn more about our custom spray paint.
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Certain PANTONE-identified colors may vary from the PANTONE Color Standards based on lighting conditions, angle of view and/or due to differences in pigments, manufacturing process, substrate and/or limitations in the color capability of the paint. Refer to current PANTONE Publications to obtain accurate color.

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