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Industrial Paints -

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We recommend that all customers start their search by first identifying their desired color, and then selecting the product (in this case, Industrial Paint), sheen, size, quantity, and more.  

  • Search by Color Code or Name - Use the Search Box at the top of the site to find a specific color.
  • Browse by Paint Company / Brand - We offer paint matched to more than 200,000 current and discontinued paint colors across more than 100 color standards including Pantone, RAL, Federal Standard 595C as well as all major paint brands. Browse by Paint Company / Brand.
  • Browse by Color / Hue - Looking for the perfect pink? A brilliant blue? A tasteful taupe? Browse by Color / Hue.
  • Custom Color Matching Services - Most hardware stores have about a dozen tints for paint color matching -- we have more than 100.  Send us virtually anything and we can match color, sheen, sparkle, and more.  Read more about our Custom Color Matching Services


More About Industrial Paint

Industrial Paints and Coatings are engineered for both protective and functional properties, while at the same time also reinforcing a company's brand with a wide range of colors. Most Industrial Paints are used for corrosion and water control for metal or concrete, but there are a wide range of Industrial Paint use cases. You'll also hear Industrial Paint referred to as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) paint and coatings.

MyPerfectColor has a range of Industrial Paints for metals, walls and floors. And we also have urethanes and epoxies for a wide range of other uses including machinery and signs.

Our Core Industrial Paint Brands include:

  • Benjamin Moore Direct to Metal Acrylic and Alkyd Enamels
  • Hedrix Fast Dry Acrylic Enamels
  • Benjamin Moore Corotech Enamels

If you not sure if our products will solve your unique Industrial Paint use case, please contact us.


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