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About us

MyPerfectColor specializes in exact match paint color solutions and is primarily focused on business clients who need touch up paint, OEM paint, or paint for marketing applications including signage, display/exhibit fabrication, event marketing, prototyping, awards, furniture and fixtures.

MyPerfectColor spawned from a third generation family-run retail paint business that was founded in 1924. MyPerfectColor.com is the first website of its kind offering color matches of over 250,000 colors across over 100 color standards and paint brands including Pantone, RAL, Federal Standard 595 as well as color matches from major paint brands.

MyPerfectColor is located in Springfield, NJ.

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This is the old Breslow Home Design Center storefront that was located in Chester, NJ since 1924. We sold this paint store in February, 2023 to Paint Pourri (long-time friends who operated a store in a neighboring town). We still operate Breslow Home Design as a shop-at-home business selling high-end Motorized Louvered Roof SystemsRetractable Awnings, Pergolas and Canopies, and Cabanas. 100 years and counting!


Breslow Home Design Center - Chester NJ