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Touch Up Paint for Bicycle Manufacturers

Touch Up Paint for Bicycle Manufacturers

Repair minor paint chips on bicycle frames that otherwise would not be viable for retail sale.
-Matt, Santa Cruz Bicycles

MyPerfectColor provides touch up paint solutions for several leading bicycle manufacturers. While bicycles are meant to get banged up along the trail, riders typically have a deep connection to their mounts and want to keep them in top shape. Touch up paint for bicycles is a major pain point both for riders and manufacturers. Manufacturers typically avoid maintaining a touch up paint program for fear of touch up inventory going bad and the additional logistics required. Bike owners have a really tough time finding a touch up when the manufacturer doesn't provide one. Customers who spend $4,000 or more on their bicycles expect an actual touch up solution and that's where MyPerfectColor can help.

MyPerfectColor solves the problem for both manufacturers and their customers. Our expert team will match the color and finish of your products (including metallics and pearelescents), and provide this perfectly matched paint in paint pens, one-ounce brush-in-cap bottles and aerosol spray cans. Moreover, MyPerfectColor can tailor a program to best meet your specific needs. This includes no minimum order sizes, drop-ship to any destination worldwide, quick turnaround on new color formulations, private labeling, and most orders fulfilled and shipped within one to two business days. Special quantity and bulk-pricing is available. MyPerfectColor's unique small-batch-match-on-demand capabilities ensure complete touch up coverage of your entire product line with very little hassle or investment.

MyPerfectColor can also help with product line color development. MyPerfectColor can create paint matching any color, as well as develop new colors, which can be used to create models and prototypes for executive review, user testing and photography

Ask us how we can create a touch up paint program tailored to meet your specific needs.


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FAQs about Touch Up Paint for Bicycle Manufacturers

How big a part do you need to create a touch-up?
Ideally, you could provide a flat, smooth part that is at least 2” by 4” so we can use all of our instruments and more easily gauge the match quality. Rounded, textured, and very small parts increase the difficulty in both measuring and evaluating the match quality. We will do our best and work with whatever you have. We commonly match colors from carbon fiber tubes and other non-standard part shapes. We understand that perfect samples are not always available.
What is the minimum order size for touch-up paint?
There are no minimum order sizes. MyPerfectColor will produce a single unit of touch-up for your color if that is what you need.
Do I need a paint pen, touch-up bottle, or aerosol?
The choice of touch-up paint applicator depends on personal preference and the type of repair. Paint pens are barrels filled with paint with an actuated tip. When the tip is depressed the paint can flow. These work really well for scratches and pinholes. Brush in cap bottles (like a nail polish bottle) also works really well for scratches, chips, and pinholes. Pens and bottles are very similar and very popular for touching up lighting fixtures. Spray paint works great for larger areas, scuffs, repainting, and painting ancillary items needing painting. We make it very easy to mix and match applicators for any color so you can experiment to find out what you like. Learn more about our different spray and touch-up paint applicators.
How long does it take to create touch-up paint?
It usually takes about a week to custom formulate a touch-up grade paint, but this depends on our backlog and the match difficulty. We can speed it up if your need is urgent, but sometimes we need time to get the match as close as possible. As the match gets more precise, we need to let the paint dry thoroughly between each iteration and this adds time to the process. Once we have a match we can make reorders very quickly. Learn more about timing of paint deliveries.
Can I get touch-up paint to match the metallic or pearlescent finish of our bicycles?
Yes, MyPerfectColor can create touch-up solutions for metallic and pearlescent coatings. It is sometimes not possible to create an exact match under all viewing angles, but we always do our best. Please send us samples so we can provide more specific feedback on your finish.