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Shop and explore your favorite paint brands - we match more than 250,000 colors from Pantone, RAL and all major paint brands, including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and more. We recommend that all customers start their search by first identifying their desired color, and then selecting the product, sheen, size, quantity, and more.

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  • Browse by Paint Company / Brand - Or, of course, above you can browse through all of our brands including Pantone®, RALFed Std 595CBenjamin MooreSherwin WilliamsBehrRalph LaurenMartha Stewart, and many more. Or below you can browse through our more than 250,000 current and discontinued paint colors.  
  • Browse by Color / Hue - Looking for a trendy tan? A beachside beige? A bone black? Browse by Color / Hue.
  • Custom Color Matching Services - Most hardware stores have about a dozen tints for paint color matching -- we have more than 100. Send us virtually anything and we can match color, sheen, sparkle, and more. Read more about our Custom Color Matching Services

FAQs about Popular Paint Color Brand Matches

If I have a color code for one paint brand, can you give me the matching color in another paint brand?
We do not directly provide matching color codes between brands. However, if you find the color on our site that you would like to match, you can look below the color image on the page and select 'EXPLORE RELATED COLORS'. You can then adjust the HUE, SATURATION, and LIGHTNESS sliders to find related colors we have matches for. Learn more about our Custom Color Matching Services.
Is it possible to match RGB, CMYK or HTML colors to popular paint brand colors?
RGB and HTML color codes represent illuminated colors for display on computer monitors and other electronic devices. MyPerfectColor does its best to convert the digital color values to a physical color but keep in mind that a physical paint color which is viewed via reflected light cannot be as bright as a color that is projected as an illuminated light. Learn more about the difficulty of comparing computer generated colors to reflected paint colors.
Can any color be matched and provided in custom spray paint?
Yes, we specialize in exact match paint color solutions. We have a database of over 250,000 colors that have been previously matched, and for those customers who have a unique product, color or material that they need to be converted into the perfect paint color (or who need a sheen/finish matched on a known color), we also offer a variety of custom color matching services. Learn more about our custom color matching services.


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