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Pigment-Only For Tinting Resins

I've waited to send you a recap as I awaited my client's picture of their install of the fireplace mantel featuring the Burnt Orange resin fill using your pigment. Wow! Simply Wow! They are very pleased & have given me the go ahead for a matching coffee table. You did great work on this project -- both on the color match and your efforts to produce a carrier that works with my 2 part epoxy. Thank you very much. Please resend the link for where you'd like me to post a glowing report.

J Craft Company, Llano, TX

Pigments for tinting resins

Hey Makers! Achieve your perfect color in your Epoxy or Urethane Resin project. Whether you are casting parts or new product prototypes, building a custom surf board, or creating a beautiful wood mantle with a River Pour, MyPerfectColor enables you to achieve the perfect color with minimum effort; saving you time and money and enhancing your ability to take on any project.


With over 250,000 paint color matches, we've got you covered. Our library includes standards such as Pantone paint colors, US Government Fed Std 595C paint colors, RAL paint colors (see all our paint color standards); matches of laminate colors such as Formica, Wilsonart, and Egger (see all our laminate paint color matches); all major residential paint brand colors such as Sherwin Williams paint color matches and Benjamin Moore paint color matches; many powder coating colors including most Tiger Drylac colors, a huge range of Metallic and Pearlescent colors, Fluorescent colors and anything you want to send us to match. Check out all the color collections we match.

Simply choose "Pigment-Only" from any color page and we'll send you the tinted pigments to color your resin. You will find the "Pigment-Only" option under "Spray, OEM, Bottles and Pens".