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Sustainabilty and Compliance

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Environmental Sustainability

MyPerfectColor is committed to environmental sustainability and engages in the following practices to reduce our environmental impact:

Utilizing Low-VOC Solvents: We have transitioned to using solvents with lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs), significantly reducing air pollution and health risks associated with our products.

Recycling and Reusing Solvents: Our solvent recovery systems enable us to recycle and reuse solvents, effectively minimizing waste and reducing the demand for new resources.

Effective Waste Reduction and Management: We are continually optimizing our production processes to minimize waste generation, and we ensure responsible disposal or recycling of any waste products. Excess paint is sold at steep discounts or given away, and disposal is a last resort. Any solvent-based waste that is generated is sent to a cement plant and burned safely as fuel.

Energy Efficiency: Our facilities employ energy-efficient machinery and processes.

Eco-friendly Packaging: We use recyclable or biodegradable materials for packaging, mitigating the environmental impact throughout the product's lifecycle.

Strict Compliance with Regulations: We stay ahead of environmental regulations, ensuring our practices are not only compliant but also exceed standard requirements.

Ongoing Research and Development: We continuously invest in research and development to improve our products and processes, aiming for greater environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations.

These efforts demonstrate our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of our products and services.


MyPerfectColor is Section 889 Compliant

MyPerfectColor is compliant with section 889. Download the Record of Section 889 Representations PERFECT COLOR VENTURES LLC.


MyPerfectColor is RoHS and Reach Compliant

Read more about MyPerfectColor Rohs and Reach Compliance.

Download the MyPerfectColor Statement of RoHS and REACH Compliance.