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Benjamin Moore™ Aura Waterborne Interior Paint

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Paint Type: Interior Paint
Interior/exterior: Interior
Base: Water
Environmentally Friendly: Yes
Product Category: House and Wall Paint
Size: Array
Quality: Array
Sheen: Array
Benjamin Moore New Aura Paint Matte Finish Gallon. This new paint uses revolutionary new color science technology to offer features and benefits previously unavailable in paint. This new paint offers guaranteed two-coat coverage with any color over even an unprimed new sheetrock wall. It is super durable, low odor, super coverage, super-time saving paint!

Key Features of Benjamin Moore's Aura Paint:

- Available in any color
- Fully washable in any sheen
- Fast one-hour recoat time
- Exceptional flow and leveling
- Seamless touch-up
- Richer, more enticing color
- Maximum hide in all colors
- Unsurpassed surface smoothness

From the can label:

Aura Matte Finish is part of the Gennex Proprietary paint and colorant system. Tint bases only with Gennex Waterborne Colorant.

Recommended for new or previously painted wallboard, plaster, wood, masonry or wallpapered surfaces; primer or previously painted metal; new or coated acoustic ceilings. Provides a mildew resistant coating.


350-400 square feet per gallon (106.98-121.92 square meters) depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate.

Surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry and free of wax, grease, scaling paint and mildew. Glossy areas should be dulled. Remove wall covering if there is evidence of bleeding colors.


Aura Matte Finish is self-priming for most colors and surfaces. Consult with your retailer ( concerning deep colors that require use of Aura Color Foundation. Special purpose primers may be needed for specific surfaces or surfaces that are water stained, smoke damaged or very slick.

[If ordering through, you will be notified by customer service if your color requires the Color Foundation. Most colors do not require this color primer.]

Stir thoroughly before and during use. Apply one or two coats. For best results, use a recommended brush, roller, or a similar product. This product can also be sprayed.

Dries to touch and can be recoated after one hour. High humidity may prolong drying time. Painted surfaces can be washed after a minimum of 2 weeks.

Promptly use soap and warm water. USE COMPLETELY OR DISPOSE OF PROPERLY. Dry, empty containers may be recycled in a can recycling program. Local disposal requirements vary; consult your sanitation department or state-designated environmental agency on disposal options.

Technical Data Sheet for 522 Aura Waterborne Matte Paint
Material Safety Data Sheet for 522 Aura Waterborne Matte Paint