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kitchen cabinet color

What color cabinets would go with lemon pepper walls?


Are you considering painting the cabinets? The dark brown looks crisp with the wall color and light counters. Do you have an idea in mind of the look you'd like for the room?

Please let me know a bit more about your plans, and I can suggest paint colors for you.

Sorry my kitchen was a bit of a mess... I looked today and maybe going with a white.... Du Jour..... I'm tired of dark cabinets. What do you think?

I think that white could look great in the kitchen with your wall color. You'll want to sample the paint to get a good combination with your white appliances, as white can have undertones that make it hard to match. Benjamin Moore Decorator White is a pretty neutral white. To get the right combo, it really does come down to sampling the paint in the room.

From the photo, it looks like your counters have some light neutral colors. If so, you could also consider pulling a light neutral out of the counter color, and paint the cabinets in that color if you're not finding the look you want with a white paint.

Let me know if you have more questions, I'm happy to help,

What color paint would you suggest to go with white kitchen appliances. We were thinking of some type of tan. I'm open for all suggestions. We have light oak cabinets right now, we will be changing the counter tops and back splashes and we have travertine tile on the floor.

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