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Color Matching Services

Need something matched? MyPerfectColor specializes in matching colors. Our expert team will match the color and finish of your product or facility to your specifications, and provide this perfectly matched paint in whatever type of paint you need in whatever size you need.

Send your color sample along with your contact information to:

MyPerfectColor Color Lab
65 Brown Avenue
Springfield, NJ  07081

Once we receive your sample, one of our color experts will call to help determine the type of paint and quantity needed. One-time color matching fees may apply.

MyPerfectColor will match any color and finish to your specifications. MyPerfectColor successfully matches thousands of colors for customers ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to homeowners. You can mail us a part, sample or other object;  the color name and/or color number from any paint brand or color reference system such as Pantone PMS, RAL, Munsell, NCS or Federal Standard 595C, or provide spectral data or L*a*b*/L*C*H*. MyPerfectColor also matches metallic finishes, wood stains, candy coatings and flourescents. MyPerfectColor will match the color and provide it in whatever type of paint you need. We cover the entire gamut of residential to industrial coatings with packaging ranging from one-ounce brush cap bottles, to aerosol spray cans to five gallon pails and any size in between.

Our turn-around time is very fast. The time required for the initial match depends on match difficultly but most matches are completed within 1-3 days, and once a successful match is formulated subsequent orders are typically fulfilled in 1-2 days. MyPerfectColor offers accurate color matches delivered quickly, reliably and consistently.

MyPeffectColor currently serves a wide range of industries and government entities including the military, product manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, defense contractors, powder coaters, the state department, metal workers and fabricators and construction industry contractors.