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whitewash oak cabinets

I have 'pinky' whitewash oak cabinets, large NW facing windows, natural pine trims, baseboards and floor, black appliances, all glass doors and countertop has grey, green and plum mottled in it. I need a wall color suggestion to minimize the 'pink' and sell the house. Thanks so much!

Hi, That's a great question! The pinkish whitewashed oak cabinets can be a challenge, especially in NW light (which is often a bit gray.)

This is a color choice that really will require sampling of the wall colors, to be sure that you get the best combo to minimize that pink.

Any color with green in it will actually make the pink stand out more, as will a dark color. I'm going to suggest some neutral colors that may work to make the cabinets color play nicely with the other colors in the room, help control the pink.

Benjamin Moore Lambscin OC-3

Benjamin Moore White Sand OC-10

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige OC-45

Hope this helps!


Thank You so mcuh Diana. I am excited to test these colors. I notice that all 3 colors themselves seem quite 'pink' which is what I was finding that people were suggesting ?? That's why I posed the question ? Is that a design trick in minimizing a color ? (ie: can't beat it - join it?) :) Thanks again!

Yes, I think that in my experience you can minimize something by not calling attention to it.. sort of blending in. When you put anything with a yellow or green near those, they will jump out at you, but you want to do more than a white color. A nice neutral that is not too different, should do the trick. This is something I learned from people who had pink tiles (in vintage bathrooms,) and could not change the tile out right away. Once you have the colors up near the cabinets, you'll be able to see which one will work.

Do let me know how that turns out!

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