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I want Ben Moore Thorton Sage 464 for my breakfast room. a) Is this a "mature green"? I don't want it to look like a kid's room or diarrhea, which some greens do! b) The adjacent room is my kitchen which has glazed white cabinets. On the soffit, I'd like to do a rich dark brown. What Ben Moore dark brown looks good with Thorton Sage?

#464 is called thornton sage and it is a very grey green color. With your white cabinets it may wash the green out of the color. put a white paint chip next to the green and decide what to do. Maybe another green choice with less grey would work. As for browns it would depend on your green choice. Some are quite red and some less. What color are your walls now and adjacent rooms? That would help alot.


Thornton Sage is a very neutral green, with lots of gray undertones. I know exactly what you mean about a "mature" green (and the other description, too.) Computer monitors all represent colors differently, and often the neutral greens can look more gray or brown than they are, that's why sampling is so important. Based on your question, I have a few suggestions for you to look at, and sample:

Benjamin Moore Fernwood Green 2145-40

Benjamin Moore Limesickle 2145-50

Benjamin Moore Guilford Green HC-116

For your question about a rich brown for the soffit in the kitchen, I like:

Benjamin Moore Kona AF-165

Benjamin Moore Middlebury Brown HC-68

Benjamin Moore Barrista AF-175

I hope this is helpful! Please feel free to post any photos you have of the current space, if you need more ideas.


Thanks. The house/kitchen is being built so I'm not sure any pictures would help! It is not painted and not all the walls are up in that area.
I went to the BM store and got some samples yesterday. I am now leaning toward Dried basil. I have the Classic fan deck so I can see the guilford green you recommended but the other two aren't on my deck. Guilford is a lot lighter than dried basil. It also is less brown/grey than dried basil??
One thing I noticed when I was at the store was that I want to stay away from the "mint choc. chip ice cream" look so that eliminated a lot of the colors I saw in the store. I haven't seen fernwood green or limesicle, though.
Lynda, the sage green is in an adjacent room to my glazed white cabinets so it isn't going to directly affect it. The dark brown will be next to the cabinets.
I got a sample of whitall brown that I like next to my sample cabinet. I also got samples of hearthstone brown and grizzly bear brown but they seem too dark and stark. My fan deck does have Middlebury brown and I like it. I'll have to go get swatches from the store to see your other suggestions. Thank you!

Glad that you found a color that looks interesting. Looking at the Dried Basil, I have a better sense for the type of color you're interested in. Dried Basil would look great with a brown, as it has a brown/gray look to it. Guilford Green is more green, than Dried Basil. You definitely want to stay away from those minty greens, especially if you're using brown as an accent. Now that I know your preference, Limesickle will mostly likely be too light for what you're considering. Fernwood Green may be an option, still, if Dried Basil is too dark or too brown once you sample it on the wall.

Here are a few more Benjamin Moore green/grays to consider, that may be similar to Dried Basil:

Flowering Herbs 514:

Timothy Straw 2149-40:

Soft Fern 2144-40:

Sounds as if you're on the right track now, let me know how the color samples work out for you. The only way to know how it will look in the room is by sampling. If you haven't reached the point of painting the walls, do considering purchasing painted sample boards, so that you can move them from room to room. MyPerfectColor can create a sample board for you in any color you'd like to try. You'll see that option on any color on the site.


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