Kelly Moore Acrylic Urethane Kit KM-375 (includes Catalyst)

  $ 277.65 - $1290.00

Paint Type: Urethane
Interior/exterior: Interior/Exterior
Base: Solvent
Product Category: Specialty Paint
Size: Five, Gallon
Quality: Industrial
Sheen: Gloss

The Acrylic Urethane is a multi-use, two-component Acrylic Urethane that provides excellent gloss and color retention, as well as excellent abrasion, chemical, and solvent resistance. It may be used anywhere a performance urethane is necessary for interior or exterior applications. This product is ideal as a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating in clear or pigmented colors when using a commercial Graffiti Remover. nbsp;Purchase of this product includes the catalyst. nbsp;All paint is custom made to order and may take 2 - 4 business days to produce