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SprayMax® 3680067 2K Clear Coat, 11.8 oz, Satin

  $ 31.60 - $31.60

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Paint Type: Aerosol Spray Paint
Interior/exterior: Interior/Exterior
Base: Solvent
Product Category: Spray, OEM, Bottles and Pens
Size: 11oz Spray
Quality: Not Applicable
Sheen: Satin

This clear coat works very well over the Hedrix spray paint and acrylic enamel.

SprayMax reg; 2K Clearcoat is a Semi matt, 2- component clearcoat for the permanent sealing of solid, metallic and effect paint coatings, and has been specially developed for parts and repair painting of matt surfaces. This product stands out for its permanent weathering and chemical resistance, and its excellent resistance to fuel. Semi-Matt clearcoats are generally not suitable for polishing, since this changes the gloss and colour impression.

SprayMax reg; 2K Clearcoat offers extremely good coverage and tends to be used for larger surfaces (parts surface painting).

SDS - SprayMax 2K Clearcoats - 3680067 Semi Gloss

Technical Data Sheet SprayMax 2K Clearcoats - 3680067 Semi Gloss