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Hedrix Spray Paint 4.5oz Satin Fast Dry Acrylic Enamel (32 Can Minimum)

  • Black
  • White
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Paint Use: Spray Paint
Size: Pint|1oz Bottle
Interior/exterior: Interior/Exterior
Quality: Packs
Base: Solvent
Sheen: Satin
Sheen Description: Satin sheen is a bit less glossy than a semi-gloss.
Product and Sheen: Spray Paint 4.5oz Fast Dry Satin

The 4.5oz net weight mini spray can is perfect for firms looking to distribute touch up sprays to their user base.

Satin fast dry spray paint works great for any interior or exterior surface. Works on metal, plastic, wood and more. Dries in 15 minutes. Available in Any Color.

This Satin Acrylic Enamel nbsp;has a sheen of about 30-40 gloss units (varies slightly by color). Dries in only 15 minutes.

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Custom sheen and color matches are available. Custom packaging, quantity and corporate discounts are available.