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Corotech™ V200 Alkyd Urethane Gloss Enamel - Gallon



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Paint Use: Metal, Wood and Furniture Paint
Size: Gal
Interior/exterior: Interior/Exterior
Quality: Best
Base: Solvent
Sheen: High-Gloss
Product and Sheen: Corotech Alkyd Urethane Gloss Enamel V200

Corotech reg; Alkyd Urethane Gloss Enamel is formulated as a
heavy duty, industrial enamel finish for interior or exterior
surfaces. The surface wetting characteristics inherent in this
product allows for application over marginally prepared
surfaces. The ease of application and exceptional flow allows
for an aesthetically pleasing finish, with excellent protective
qualities. The urethane modification far surpasses the
performance of straight alkyd formulations in exterior

Primed Metal amp; Iron. Corotech reg; Alkyd Urethane Gloss Enamel is not
for use on aluminum or wood siding. This product is intended for use
as an interior and exterior coating and can be used on a wide variety
of metal surfaces. It can be used in manufacturing facilities as well.
This product is not recommended for application to non-ferrous
metals such as galvanized metal or aluminum unless primed with
V110 Acrylic Metal Primer. When used in industrial or professional
applications, this product may be used on most surfaces including
wood, masonry, drywall, etc.

Technical Data Sheet: Corotech V200_TDS EN OKF.pdf

Safety Sata Sheet:

This product is currently approved for use under MPI 9, 27 and 48.

V200 meets performance requirements of TT-E-487E, TT-E-489J, TT-E-491C, TT-E-496 (Type II), TT-E-506K, TT-E-1593 and TT-E-2784A

V200 Black meets performance requirements of SSPC Paint #102
V200 meets performance requirements of DOD-E-1115, DOD-E-1265, DOD-E-18210 and DOD-E-18214

V200 meets performance requirements of A-A-2962

V200 meets performance requirements of MIL-E-20090 and MIL-E-15090 Type I.

Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities