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Hedrix Water-Based Spray Paint 11oz Gloss (Interior/Exterior)



  • White

Paint Use: Spray Paint
Size: Pint|1oz Bottle
Interior/exterior: Interior/Exterior
Quality: Packs
Base: Water
Sheen: High-Gloss
Product and Sheen: Spray Paint 11oz Fast Dry Water-Based Gloss

Gloss water-based spray paint works great for any interior or exterior surface. Works on metal, plastic, wood and more. Dries in 2 hours. Available in Any Color.

Please understand that water-based spray paints do not perform as well as solvent-based spray paints. The water-based paint is much thicker and doesn't atomize as well. The paint mist tends to gather at the spray nozzle and the droplets also combine in the air to from larger droplets - we call this spluttering, and will result in larger droplets hitting your surface. On a horizontal surface this is OK because the paint dries slowly (~2 hours) and will level out if you leave it alone, but ona vertical surface it will drip. You can minimize this by spraying lighter coats and wiping the spray nozzle frequentlyto remove any accumulation. The water-based spray paint works well for a water-based spray paint, but not nearly as good as the acrylic enamel spray paint.

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