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MyPerfectColor™ Residential Interior Paint

  $ 18.99 - $58.05

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Paint Type: Sample Jar
Interior/exterior: Interior
Base: Water
Environmentally Friendly: Yes
Size: Quart, Gal
Quality: Economy
Sheen: Eggshell, Flat

A quality, zero VOC acrylic latex flat coating designed for residentia applications. This quart-sized product is perfect for painting walls.

If your intention is to touch up an existing wall, keep in mind that touching up is difficult because variation is always inherent in paint. The exact color on your wall is affected by aging, light, specific paint product, application method, gloss level, film variance and surface substrate. Moreover, the color chips we use to match the colors are also affected by mechanical processes, age and light.

The best way to mitigate any variation is by painting the whole wall surface from corner to corner. If you prefer not to paint this big an area, you can mitigate any variation by painting a larger area around the spot needing touch up and feathering it out so that the change between the new and old paint is gradual. This will help reduce your ability to detect any difference.

If an exact match is needed, please contact us about our color matching service where we can match an actual sample from your wall.