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Hedrix 1 Ounce Touch Up Bottle with Brush Cap, Flat Finish Acrylic Enamel (4-pack)



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Paint Use: Touch Up Paint
Interior/exterior: Interior/Exterior
Base: Solvent
Sheen: Flat
Product and Sheen: 1oz Touch Up Bottle w/ Brush Cap Flat

Custom touch up bottles are sold in 4-packs and consist of a bottle and a brush that is built into the cap. So if you order 1 unit you will get 4 bottles, 2 units is 8 bottles, etc. nbsp; nbsp;These bottles are intended for industrial applications. MyPerfectColor exact matches the sheen and color of trhe production standard for flawless touchup post-production, during installation or to end-users. Bottles are also often used to create prototypes.

Any color is available including custom-matches, matches to industry standard colors such as RAL, Pantone, US Government Standard 595C and color matches of all major paint brands.

Volume discounts available to distributors and institutional buyers.