Custom Color Formulation- Touch Up Grade (Level2)

  $ 175.00 - $175.00

Size: Each
Quality: Not Applicable
Sheen: Not Applicable

MyPerfectColor specializes in delivering custom-matched paint solutions for customers who require precise color and sheen matching. nbsp; Our team will formulate paint to match the color and sheen of your sample or part to a touch up grade level of accuracy. The paint is then packaged and labeled in the applicator/container of your choice (e.g. spray paint, paint pen, gallons).

Thus, for many of our orders, there is a per-color Custom Color Formulation Fee, in addition to per-item fees. nbsp; For customers who order large quantities, there are often bulk pricing discounts. In addition, if you purchase multiple products in the same color/sheen in a single order (e.g. 24 Spray Cans and 6 Paint Pens), the Custom Color Formulation Fee should only apply once.

If you have questions about Custom Color Formulation Fees, contact us or call us at 973-863-2639 from 9am-5pm ET.