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Benjamin Moore™ 636 Arborcoat Exterior Waterborne Clear Coating

  $ 8.78 - $239.78

Paint Type: Exterior Stain
Interior/exterior: Exterior
Base: Water
Product Category: House and Wall Paint
Size: Five, Gallon, Pint
Quality: Premium
Sheen: Not Applicable
The New Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Exterior Transparent Stain features the latest in new waterborne stain technology by Benjamin Moore. It protects wood and provides a mildew resistant finish.

Arborcoat is the finest quality waterborne alkyd/acrylic resin transparent stain. The specialized trans-oxide pigments provide the best in sun protection and mildew resistance and abrasion/scuff resistance. The  Arborcoat transparent deck siding stain must be top coated with this Arborcoat Exterior Clear Coating.
  • Protects the surface while allowing the beauty of the wood's grain and texture to show through.
  • Gives your wood a rich color.
  • Color-permanent pigments are more fade resistant, standing up to the weather and sun.
  • Penetrates, protects, and beautifies wooden decks, siding and furniture
  • Retards the growth of mildew
  • Repels water, protecting your wood from the weather
  • Scuff and abrasion resistant, protecting your wood from use
  • Good to use on new, pressure treated wood and works great with cedar
    and pine
  • Both the stain and clear coat provide UV Protection.
The intended use is for wood decks, siding, shakes, fences and outdoor furniture. This product is not recommended for hardwoods.

The coverage is between 200 and 400 square feet per gallon depending on how rough/smooth and dry the surface is.

To prepare deck surfaces, completely remove any previously applied coatings because this product must be able to penetrate into the wood. You can test to see if the stain will be able to penetrate by putting some drops of water on the deck surface to see if they absorb into the wood. If the water quickly penetrates, then the surface is ready. If it does not, then repeat the preparation to completely remove any prior coatings. Also make sure all surfaces are dry, clean and mildew free.

It is always a good idea to test the color in a hidden area to make sure you like the color. Note that the color in the can will be different than the dried finish. Stir before and during use. Most often one coat of the stain is enough. Both the sain and clear coating can be applied with either a brush, roller, pad or spray. The preferred method is to roll the product and back brush to ensure penetration. Do not apply the product too heavily since this can retard drying and proper curing. Do not apply in direct sunlight and make sure the air and surface temperature is above 40-degrees F.

The product dries to the touch in 1/2 hour and can be recoated or top coated with the clear finish after 1-3 hours. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before returning furniture and using the deck. The drying time may be affected by temperature and humidity.

Clean up with soap and water. Dry and empty cans can most often be disposed of in a can recycling program although local requirement vary.