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Match of  US Government™ Fed Std 595C 36231 .  *

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MyPerfectColor Color # 29401


US Government® Fed Std 595C 36231 .

The Federal Standard 595 colors are used to specify colors for US Government applications. The color are used by the US Government agencies, branches and suppliers. The most common requests we receive for Fed Standard Colors are for spray paint, Direct to Metal and other paints for prototyping, marking and identification and touchup applications. Typical clients include the USCG, all branches of the Armed Services, the State Department and Defense Contractors including Lockheed Martin and Boeing. For example, MyPerfectColor provides paint to the Navy for marking and identification of shells.

MyPerfectColor offers acrylic enamel in a range of sheens from flat to gloss as well as a full range of Alkyd and Acrylic Direct To Metal paints and much more. Please contact us if you have any questions. Orders can be placed directly online (click the blue "select paint" button above, or submit PO's or RFQs to

The colors in the Federal Standard set have no official names and are identified by five-digits.
The numbers designate the sheen, color classification and color intensity.

The first digit will be 1,2 or 3 and indicates the level of sheen:
    1 = gloss
    2 = semi gloss
    3 = matt

The second digit indicates the color group;
      0 = Brown     5 = Blue
      1 = Red         6 = Grey
      2 = Orange   7 = Other (white, black, violet, metallic)
      3 = Yellow     8 = Fluorescent
      4 = Green      

The third to fifth digits indicate the intensity. Lower numbers indicates a darker color and higher numbers indicate a lighter color.

While the Fed Std colors indicate sheen as part of the 5 digits, MyPerfectColor still requires you to enter a specific sheen.

For example, the color 37038 technically refers to a matte finish, but MyPerfectColor offers it in any sheen.

Click arrows, drag the slider or enter the value to explore colors.

(0º - 360º)
Saturation (Purity)
(0% - 100%)
(0% - 100%)