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Wrinkling is nothing but crinkling or creasing of the paint film on drying. If not dealt with, the paint may ultimately peel off, leaving patches without paint.

The Cause
Wrinkling occurs mostly with oil-based or alkyd paints, especially when a thick coat is applied in a hurry. As a result, the outer surface of the coat dries up before the inner layer. As the inner layer dries up, the paint gets lifted up forming ridges. This problem also occurs when the second coat is applied without letting the first coat to dry thoroughly.

When the paint film encounters a high humid environment before it cures, it can wrinkle. Painting over an unprepared surface that has dirt or grease also results in a lack of adhesion and causes wrinkling.

The Solution
You can repair wrinkled paint by first allowing it to dry thoroughly, and then sanding off the wrinkles. Wipe the residue off the surface and repaint the area. If the surface is uneven, use a primer, but allow the primer to dry before applying the paint.

Do not paint in direct sunlight or in extremely cool or damp weather. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the right temperature and the correct coverage rate.