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MyPerfectColor takes great pride in being able to meet the needs of each customer when it comes down to matching a color they have requested with the utmost accuracy and precision. This customer success story focuses on UTV Inc., a custom aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer that specializes in customizing utility terrain vehicles. The business strives to satisfy clients, making every effort and ensuring that they don’t cut any corners when developing unique solutions and products. UTV Inc. differentiates their business from other companies in the sense that all of the parts that they offer are made and installed in house; nothing is imported like it is when it comes to most of the competition! You’ll be able to see how UTV Inc. lays out their custom parts, and what MyPerfectColor did to help by matching a color that was very close to what the team over at UTV Inc. was looking for.

UTV Inc.
Prior to finding MyPerfectColor, if the team at UTV Inc. was asked to match some colors that they couldn’t find, they would tell the client, “sorry, we can’t make that happen for you,” or they would try to upsale. However, a simple google search led them to find MyPerfectColor, and we were able to match a color that fit near exactly what they were looking to find. The color we matched was Tiger Drylac® 49/30760 Fluorescent Red. With MyPerfectColor’s help, UTV Inc. was able to get the color in an aerosol spray can, saving the project and their clients thousands of dollars.
We asked how their business and what they offer will change after coming to know what services and products MyPerfectColor provides, and they explained:
“Now we know we have the ability to get custom matched color in a spray can so we can touch up, paint, color match, etc. other items we used to be able to not match.”
UTV Inc - Parts Drying
UTV Inc - Parts Painted
The color MyPerfectColor matched was incredibly difficult to achieve, however, the team was able to replicate what was asked of them very closely, and the paint was used by UTV Inc. to match suspension accessories on several vehicle builds.
UTV Inc - Assembly
After applying a base white coat, UTV Inc. then finished with the Fluorescent Red, giving it an almost indistinguishable look from the color that they were trying to find in the first place, and we at MyPerfectColor were very happy to help them find what they were looking for, and also to have a part in getting the finished product to look as outstanding as it does.
If you’re looking to get the utility terrain vehicle best suited for your needs or maybe even just some upgrades/accessories, check out UTV Inc.
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