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The Latest Rage in the Painting Industry: Odorless Paint

Wouldn’t it be great if you could beautify your house and also do your bit towards making the planet more habitable for the generations to come? Everyone is becoming aware of how he or she could do something to make our world a greener place. Even paints are being made to ensure that they don’t contaminate the planet. Traditionally the paints manufactured contained a high level of VOCs aka Volatile Organic Compounds. These VOCs evaporated and reduced the quality of the air.

The chemicals used in paints are responsible for the odor. Solvents, binders, and surfactants enhance the performance of the paint. But staying in a freshly painted room for too long may cause headache, dizziness, and a feeling of suffocation in some people. This is because of the VOCs. If you experience any of these symptoms while painting, you should leave the room and ensure adequate ventilation. You could use fans and other drying mechanisms to speed the drying.

Some people use vanilla essence to reduce the paint odor while others keep a bowl of coffee powder to stave off the smell. Zero VOC paint and low VOC paints on the other hand, are extremely low on odor, or even odorless. Baby rooms, play areas, and cribs are painted with odorless paint because babies can react adversely to the fumes released by regular paints. With most paints, the smell wanes over a period of time. But inferior quality paints emit the odor even after a long duration.

Read the label of your product and ensure that it’s safe for both the environment and you. These days even zero VOC paints produce finish that’s nearly as good as that attained with regular paints. With these paints, you not only are inhaling less toxic air but the room is aesthetically done. These paints ensure an affordable greener home.