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Simplified Paint Pricing on MyPerfectColor


In addition to our recently redesigned Color/Paint pages, we also simplified how we present our prices. We previously had somewhat confusing pricing that seemed high for single units (e.g. 1 can of Custom Spray Paint was priced at $47.99) and which declined rapidly as quantities increased (e.g. for orders of 8-15 cans, the price declined to $14.99/can). The reason for this was that behind the scenes, our pricing actually included a fixed Setup Fee to prepare each custom paint order, and then a lower cost per item. Remember, we don't sell off-the-shelf paint -- every color has to be custom mixed!

With the launch of our new Color/Paint Pages, we made our pricing much easier to understand, with a clearly-stated Setup Fee, along with a Per Item Fee (that offers quantity discounts). We have prepared the below pricing table to show an example of the changes.

Compare Spray Paint Pricing - Old to New - MyPerfectColor


Note that we are also exploring a "MyPerfectColor Loyalty Program", as a way to lower the per unit price for clients that need large numbers of colors in 1 or 2 unit quantities.

If you have feedback about the pricing, or are interested in the MyPerfectColor Loyalty Program, please send us your feedback.