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Roller Spattering

Roller spattering happens when droplets of paint are thrown off when the roller is in action. Therefore spots appear on the painted surface as well as on the edges of the floor towards the walls. Spattering looks shabby and calls for an extra cleaning up job.

The Cause
Roller spattering is most often caused when too much paint is picked up by the roller. It also occurs when the paint is overworked after application. Using exterior paints on the interior walls of your home can also lead to spattering. The use of low grade latex paints or excessively thinned paints can also cause roller spattering.

The Solution
Good-quality paints contain the right proportions of thinner and binder which reduce the formation of droplets. These paints adhere well to the roller as well as to the surface, thus preventing spattering. Paints that are formulated especially for ceilings are usually spatter-proof. Using good-quality rollers can also solve this problem.

In order to prevent spattering use the M pattern of moving the roller. Begin by rolling upwards and then complete the M pattern. Apply consecutive strokes parallel to the pattern to fill up a square portion. This will work against gravity and reduce spattering.