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Roller Marks

Roller marks are almost parallel textured marks that are the result of roller activity during application of paint. This is also called “stipple.”

The Cause
The main reason for roller marks is the use of a poor-quality roller cover. Such rollers will produce visible textures wherever they are used no matter how hard you try to avoid these marks. Secondly frequent rolling and applying too much pressure with the roller can produce air bubbles and leave foam over the surface that dries to reveal a high texture. Finally, poor-quality paint usually have poor leveling capabilities. The tiny bubbles and roller traces do not level up, leading to roller marks.

The Solution
Always buy good quality roller covers. If you notice roller marks coming on, it’s best to change the roller cover. Also use roller covers with the appropriate nap lengths. Avoid long roller covers in order to maintain a leveled coat.

Buy a high-quality paint that has superior leveling properties. These paints have the correct proportion of binders and are usually high in solid particles, leaving a well-leveled coat and a smooth film when the paint dries. This will take care of most of your painting problems including roller marks. Also, rather than an up and down movement, move the roller in a zigzag pattern.