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Rodin Scientific

Many of our customers use our paint to put the perfect finishing touches on prototypes that they are manufacturing.  This Customer Success Story is about Rodin Scientific -- they are addressing a big (and growing) health care problem that affects us all.  Heart failure represents a significant health care challenge due to its high prevalence, morbidity, mortality and treatment cost. And the number of heart failure patients is increasing dramatically, from 5.1 million in 2012 to an estimated 8.0 million by 2030. The problem Rodin's addressing is that patients have no convenient way to assess whether their heart failure is worsening in the home. Thus they often end up with severe exacerbations that mandate visits to hospital emergency rooms, placing patients at undue risk for complications and putting stress on an overburdened health care system.
Rodin Scientific Medical Device Prototype  - Paint Color Matched by MyPerfectColor - Full View
Rodin has developed a non-invasive and inexpensive home-based system for assessment of hemodynamic status of heart failure patients. Rodin’s solution comprises two measurement devices that can be used independently or in combination. These measurements provide complementary information of heart function and enable effective management of both left- and right-sided heart failure. Detection algorithms alert patients and medical providers to any negative activity, and this proactive management allows a burdened healthcare system to cost-effectively focus resources on those patients in need of intervention.
Ultimately, Rodin’s solution offers improved quality of life for patients and savings for the healthcare system, and that's something we can all get behind!
We spoke with Rodin's Chief Scientist, Elena Allen, and asked her about her experience with MyPerfectColor.
MyPerfectColor: Tell us a little bit more about the problem you're solving for your customers.
Elena: Everyone wants to be able to keep their loved ones out of heart trouble. Diabetic patients have the ability to monitor their blood sugar in the home, giving them the ability to proactively manage their condition. But this same type of proactive home management is not broadly available for heart failure patients. Problems can creep up on them – a change in diet or a slight cold -- and before they know it, they’re headed to the ER. This is bad news both for the patient and the medical systems that provides care. Rodin Scientific is working hard to bring a solution to the masses. Ultimately, we're trying to help patients better manage their heart health.
MyPerfectColor: How close is your solution to being available for hospitals, doctors and consumers?
Elena: We're still in the research & development phase and working through clinical trials to validate and demonstrate the technology. We just finished building our second-generation prototype, which will be used in our research studies. Although it’s definitely not a finished product the prototype is refined enough to help our clinical advisors and investors envision the end-game.
MyPerfectColor: Tell us about what you're using the paint for.
Elena: We're building custom prototypes. Some of our parts were built by our design firm, and we needed to match the color on additional 3D printed parts. It would have been difficult to dye them as part of the 3D printing process, and the colors wouldn't have matched perfectly. As you can see in the photos, we ended up with a great match between the prototype dome (which produced and painted by a vendor) and the add-on (a 3D-printed part that we produced and painted locally).
Rodin Scientific Medical Device Prototype  - Paint Color Matched by MyPerfectColor
Rodin Scientific Medical Device Prototype  - Paint Color Matched by MyPerfectColor - Side View
MyPerfectColor: How did you find us?  And what problem led you to search us out?
Elena: Honestly, I just did a bunch of googling. I was looking for something like "PMS" or "Pantone Color Match" or "Pantone Spray Paint color match", and most of the other results came up with suppliers in the UK. If we hadn't found MyPerfectColor, we'd likely have tried a local paint store. But that probably wouldn’t have worked very well because all we had at the time was the PMS 654 color code, no painted parts in-hand. So we were really happy to find MyPerfectColor.
MyPerfectColor: Did you have any issues with your paint order, or our site experience?  Do you have any feedback for us?
Elena: We did have a small hiccup, but it was because I originally placed the order for PMS 654 U. I had no idea that PMS 654 C and PMS 654 U are such different colors! And the images on MyPerfectColor were exactly the same, despite their being a huge difference in the final product. When I explained the problem with my initial paint, I was very happy to have the CEO (Jason) call me back, fix the mistake, and ship out new paint that matched perfectly -- that was awesome customer service! But I'd recommend that you try to message more prominently for people on 'U' variations, that 'C' is a much more common option -- check out the differences in this image.
Difference in color between Pantone 654C vs 654U
MyPerfectColor: That's great advice -- we're on it!  And, we're happy that you ended up with a perfect paint color match.  Thanks so much for sharing your paint color experience.  We love how the project came out.
Elena: You're very welcome -- we love it too, and we'll be repeat customers!
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Future MyPerfectColor Customer Case Studies
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And if you're interested in what they're building, read more about Rodin Scientific.
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