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Ragging Faux Finishing Technique

Ragging, as the name implies, uses a rag to apply the glaze on the wall giving your walls a textured layer effect. Using this simple finish will give a room a little something extra that will make your guests envious of your walls. When done well this faux finish gives any room a very unique feel and texture.
Before starting on your walls it is a good idea to try the faux finish on a sample board to see how you want to reach your desired effect. After getting a good idea of how you will apply the glaze, start by painting a bright colored base coat and letting it dry completely. Next pour some of MyPerfectColor's Pre-mixed Glaze in a bucket and dip your rag in. Try to work quickly so the glaze does not start to dry before you can work with it. It will save time if you have friend rolling on the glaze while you follow behind with the rag. Repeat the process on the next area of the wall until the wall or room is complete. Let dry and enjoy your hard work. Below are some popular Ragging color combinations.