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Paint for Packaging Designers

Paint for packaging design

Key to the success of any great product is great packaging. Effective packaging captures the essence of the product and brand -- and your attention. And central to effective packaging is color.

Our packaging design customers need accurate colors to prototype and design their product, oftentimes under extreme deadlines. MyPerfectColor spray paint enables customers to conveniently and easily spray paint packaging prototypes and short-run production in any color -- quickly and easily.

Whether you are designing/building PDQ's, boxes, bottles, jars, or cases, MyPerfectColor can provide the paint necessary to help bring your concepts to life. Order fulfillment is fast, and the paint can be shipped anywhere. And when it comes time to build your go-to-market version, the colors are accurate and consistent from batch to batch, in any quantity necessary.

Ask about our ability to make transparent, metallic, and pearlescent colors, as well as plastic dyes.

MyPerfectColor provides nearly every color (including metallic and pearlescent finishes) in a variety of paint types include custom aerosol, acrylic enamel, urethanes, epoxies, water-based acrylic, direct to metals, and more. Turnaround times are fast (most orders fulfilled and shipped within one to four business days) and there are no minimum order quantities. Special quantity pricing is available. MyPerfectColor's unique small-batch-match-on-demand capabilities get you the color you need easily and quickly. Read how to buy paint on MyPerfectColor.

With over 250,000 paint color matches, we have what you need. Our color selection includes collections such as Pantone paint colors, US Government Fed Std 595C paint colors, RAL paint colors, Pantone, or Munsell; matches of major laminate stock such as Formica, Abet Laminati, and Egger; all major residential paint collection colors such as Benjamin Moore paint color matches and Sherwin Williams paint color matches; powder coating color matches including most Tiger Drylac colors; and anything you want to send us to match. Check out all the brands and color collections we match.





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