Paint Color Match Guarantee

MyPerfectColor Paint Color Match Guarantee

Love Your Paint Colors with the MyPerfectColor Paint Match Guarantee™.

We know that precise color matching is important to our customers. To alleviate any concerns about ordering paint online, we offer a “Paint Match Guarantee”. We guarantee that the paint color we ship to you will match the original color books and swatches for that color (or the item that you shipped to us for a Custom Color Match). If the paint does not match, we will recreate the paint and ship it to you free of charge*.

* Details of the Guarantee:

These are parameters we've established in order to make this feasible:

  • You must confirm the color source (Official Color Book/Swatch, or your part/sample that you used for your Custom Color Match) and show us a comparison of the paint to the source (usually this means sending us a photo with them side by side). Note that sometimes a color difference can be the result of variation among Color Books or Samples (eg our Swatch doesn’t match your Swatch). In that case, we would need you to send us your Color Book/Swatch so we can match to your specific version.
  • Only the same quantity and type of paint as originally purchased will be exchanged at no charge. If the new paint is more expensive than the original, then the customer is responsible for paying the difference. If the new paint is less expensive, there will be no refund for this price difference.
  • Any replacement paint will be shipped using the same shipping method as the original order. If your requested speed for the Guarantee shipment is faster (and more expensive), we reserve the right to charge for the incremental cost.
  • The program is subject to end or change at any time without notice and is offered at the sole discretion of MyPerfectColor.