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Low Scrub Resistance

Paints that have low scrub resistance usually wear away or lift off when scrubbed with a sponge or a soft cloth. Certain areas require mild scrubbing every now and then. These areas look shabby when the paint coat gets detached during the cleaning process.

The Cause
Using poor quality paint and choosing paint with the incorrect degree of sheen are two common reasons why paint comes off during scrubbing. Using a flat paint in areas of high activity also results in low scrub resistance. However scrub resistant a type of paint may be, it should always be scrubbed gently to clean the dirt and oil deposited on it. Aggressive scrubbing can detach the best of paints. At times, when paint is scrubbed without letting it “cure,” it can result in the paint coat being lifted.

The Solution
Areas that are exposed to dust and grime and that require regular cleaning must be coated with a good quality paint that can withstand regular washing. Avoid using flat paint in areas of high activity. Rather, use a gloss or semi-gloss paint that has high scrub resistance.

There is a difference between drying and curing. Paint may dry within a few hours, but may take about a week to properly cure. Wash only after the paint has cured. Also be gentle and not aggressive. Use mild detergents and not abrasive liquids.