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Low Print Resistance

A particular type of paint is said to have low print resistance when the paint film bears the impression of the objects placed on it. This often happens with book shelves, tables and window sills.

The Cause
A common mistake people make is to place objects on a painted surface before it has thoroughly dried. Using a poor quality gloss or semi-gloss paint can result in low print resistance.

The Solution
Always use a good quality acrylic gloss or semi-gloss latex-based paint. Poor quality gloss and semi-gloss latex-based paints tend to leave imprints of objects placed on them. This happens under warm and humid conditions. A good acrylic latex-based paint is known to have greater print resistance as compared to vinyl latex-based paint.

Alkyd paints take time to dry but once dry; they form a harder coat, and do not catch the impressions of objects placed on them. So, always wait for paints to dry up thoroughly before placing objects on them. Note that if the weather is cool or humid, it may take longer time for paint to cure. Also make sure to maintain the recommended spread rate of the paint and not apply thicker layers, since coats that are thicker than necessary take time to dry and have low print resistance.