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How to Paint In-Wall Speakers


Custom paint can be used for a multitude of projects - both in-home and out. Today, we're talking about how to elevate your home entertainment space by helping speakers blend in. Let's chat about in-wall speakers. You've invested lots of time and money installing your dream sound system, but the speakers don't match. Can they? Of course, they can! You can paint just about anything to match, including your in-wall speaker grills.

All you need is your wall paint color (or have it custom-matched) and some spray paint. 


Why Spray Paint is better

Here are a couple of reasons to use spray paint on your speaker grills:

  • Can be custom matched to the color and sheen of your wall/cabinets/ whatever you’re matching them to. 
  • Paint rollers can mess up speaker panels (the mesh speaker part).
  • Regular house paint is very viscous and tends to fill in the tiny holes of speaker grills.
  • Spray paint enables a professional spray smooth finish.


Here's how to get the best results: 

Step 1: Find or choose your color. If you’re matching and don’t know the color, we offer custom color matching, or you can search for and order your color.

Step 2: Select the sheen that most closely matches what you have on the wall if you want your speakers to blend in. If you’re not trying to 100% match, you can select any other sheen.

Step 3: Add to cart and wait for your spray paint to arrive.

Painting steps

Step 1: Make sure the grilles are clean and dry.
Step 2: Spray with 2- 3 thin coats, letting dry 1-2 hours between coats. Choose a well-ventilated dust-free environment to do this - outside or a garage would be ideal.
Step 3: Follow instructions for mounting back on the wall once they are fully dry.  


There are an array of projects that can elevate your home by matching your paint - whether you’re matching your speakers to your walls, ceiling, or cabinets - the opportunities are endless. Ready to get started on your next home project? Search for your color or learn more about our custom color matching services.