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How to Find Discontinued Paint Colors For Sale

We've all been there.  After searching for weeks and months, you finally find the exact color paint you'd like to use for your project, only to find that the paint color, or the entire paint line, has been discontinued.  Or, you have an old can of paint in the basement that you'd like to match, only to find that the paint color is no longer available to buy.

Paint companies have discontinued paint lines for as long as paints have been manufactured.  In many cases, it's just part of the paint color product cycle, as each brand updates their color collections and color books to match changing fashion, or spruces up their color names to reflect changing culture.  Every year, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and other paint brands update their collections and publish their new colors of the year, often leaving old paint colors behind.  Some of the more popular paint brands where this has occurred are the discontinued Ralph Lauren Paint Color brand, the discontinued Martha Stewart Paint Color brand and the discontinued Disney Paint Color brand.

Discontinued Ralph Lauren Paint CanDiscontinued Martha Stewart Paint Can.

On a related note, you'll also have instances where companies will have the same color name listed with more than one color name, because the color gets reused in different color collections -- Ralph Lauren's Crested Butte is a good example -- these are all identical colors!

So, what's a person to do?

In the old days, you'd go to your local home improvement store (True Value or Ace, recently overrun by Home Depot and Lowe's) and ask them to mix and match your color -- and most hardware stores 'can' match many of your paint colors.  But they're much better at matching known color formulas than they are at precisely matching your unique paint swatch or paint chips.  

That's where MyPerfectColor comes in.  We specialize in exact match paint color solutions for customers, and we know a LOT about paint -- in fact, we spun out of a third generation family-run retail paint business, Breslow Home Design Center, that was founded in 1924 -- and we still own and operate that business. MyPerfectColor is the first website of its kind offering color matches of over 250,000 colors across over 100 color standards and paint brands including Pantone and RAL, as well as color matches from more than 100 paint brands. MyPerfectColor is constantly adding colors spanning a wide range of color types to not only meet the needs of homeowners and businesses but also collectors and hobbyists such as matches of rare railroad paint colors like Floquil Railroad Paint Colors. And more important for your discontinued paint color search, this massive selection means that we more than likely have a match for your hard-to-find paint -- and if we don't, we also provide a Color Matching Service for your discontinued paint colors.

Finally, if you want to discuss your particular discontinued paint color, feel free to contact us with your question.  Here's to happy painting and color matching!

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