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Health Benefits of Zero VOC and Low VOC Paint

With awareness growing about one’s health, people are trying to ensure that they eat the right kind of food, exercise regularly, breathe fresh air, and drink clean water. Every product is evaluated to verify its ingredients are safe for human consumption. There’s also an urge among people to be as eco-friendly as possible. One such attempt in this direction is the usage of zero VOC paints and low VOC paints. VOCs are organic compounds that are used in paints as solvents. These VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are the substances that emit toxins into the air.

Don’t assume that air pollution is an issue you would have to deal with only when you’re out on the street. As per an EPA report, the air you breathe inside your house is about three times more contaminated than the outside air. Oil based paints are very high on VOCs. The VOCs are responsible for throat infection, eye and nose irritations and can also cause nausea and headaches. Some VOCs are known to be carcinogenic. These poisonous compounds are to blame for kidney disorders and they also affect the central nervous system among children. Because of these negative health effects, people are looking for alternative paint options. Hence, these days, most paint manufacturers offer low VOC and even zero VOC paints.

An obvious health benefit of using zero VOC and low VOC paints is that even those with chemical sensitivities and allergies such as asthma and other respiratory disorders don’t feel sick when these paints are used. If you are considering painting your home, you should consider using low VOC or zero VOC paints. These environmentally friendly paints contribute less to contaminants that affect the ozone depletion and groundwater levels. And because these paints are considered odorless, you would have fewer breathing disorders and related infections. While research still is needed to completely understand how VOCs affect human health, zero VOC paints and low VOC paints are a very safe choice. Consider the Benjamin Moore Natura for an excellent zero VOC paint option, and the Benjamin Moore Aura as a low VOC paint option.

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