Functional Chocolate Company


The Functional Chocolate Company matches delicious, high-end, fair-trade chocolate with Nutraceuticals and botanicals to help with things such as; Stress, Anxiety, Focus, Energy, Sleep, PMS, and Menopause. They believe there are better ways to address everyday health realities than with bitter pills and supplements - rather it should be delicious and fun. Treating your health should be a treat.

The brand’s visual identity reflects this attitude through vivid colors and energetic illustrations. When it came to creating unique product imagery for a recent campaign, it was important to keep this sentiment without sacrificing quality. Props and colors were carefully selected by their creative team to ensure that each product had a cohesive and emotive story.

functional chocolate company pantone project

For instance, Brainy chocolate featured rulers/protractors, planets, a spaceship, and other objects that told the story of exploration through deep focus. Hot chocolate featured chili peppers, travel essentials, and a chameleon to tell the story of what women experience during Menopause in a playful way. They matched the Pantone color to the main color of each vibrant Functional Chocolate product and painted specific items – the results were stunning!

About the experience, Director of Marketing Roxanne Benefiel said:

“Having MyPerfectColor Paint in the exact colors we needed filled the void of uncertainty. Particularly in a product photoshoot, there can be so much uncertainty around how it will turn out and how much work will have to go into it during post-production. Having the Pantone spray paint gave us the ability to not only visualize the outcome but see it in real life as we were styling the props. Not to mention, it saved A LOT of time in retouching.”

Thanks, Functional Chocolate Company for allowing us to be a part of your amazing product photoshoot! Learn more about how our paint - spray paint and touch-up paint - can be utilized for your next marketing project.

Thanks to the amazing team at Functional Chocolate for offering a free chocolate bar with purchase by using code FUNBAR2021.