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Floquil Paint Color Matches

Floquil Railroad Paint Color Chart

MyPerfectColor matches Floquil colors in spray paint, paint pens, brush cap bottles, and more. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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MyPerfectColor works to match any color of paint for customers, even some of the most obscure or forgotten colors imaginable. Discontinued lines of paint or specific colors are not exempt from this treatment, and we work tirelessly to bring those old colors into the limelight of the present. One such example is Testor Corporation®’s discontinued line of Floquil Paint.

The Creation of Floquil

Many tend to assume that Floquil is not just the line of paint, but also the company behind those acrylic and enamel lines of paint, when in reality, Testor Corporation is responsible for the production of those paints (and, to some extent, the collectible railroad hobby kits they would later be included with). Testor Corporation started in Rockford, Illinois, when Axel Karlson’s, “Karlsons Klister,” product failed, prompting him to return to his home in Sweden. Karlson’s office manager of the Rockford district, Nils F. Testor, would then go on to borrow just enough money to purchase the firm and its assets, and he founded the Testor Chemical Company.

The primary market at the time was focused on shoemaking, and Testor found that the only way he could make value of his assets was renaming his adhesive product, and then marketing it to households as a general repair product, while also selling in the shoe industry simultaneously. By staying true to the chemical company he helped to shape, eventually Testor would become a leader in the hobbyist model cement industry, and helped to found The Hobby Industry of America. Floquil lines of paint followed soon after, serving as the primary (and also highly authentic) colors for model railroad sets, as well as many model airplanes. Floquil served as the gold standard for many hobbyists, and perhaps even model painting in general. It was the go to for railroad paint colors.

Floquil Railroad Paint Color Matches

Pros of Floquil

Floquil model paints were consistent, and that was part of the reason so many hobbyists used Testor model kits. Some of the reasons Floquil is renowned are as follows:

  • Enamel/Acrylic composition leads to fast drying
  • The paint is extremely durable, being resistant to almost anything
  • Floquil offered a distinct and also diverse range of available colors
  • The finish is generally solid and smooth
MyPerfectColor offers any color in a fast-drying acrylic enamel paint that is available in spray paint, paint pens and brush in cap bottles.



Floquil would eventually be discontinued alongside PollyScale paint by Testor Corporation in 2013, leading to many hobbyists having to find alternative options, which is often difficult, as Floquil had many colors in an acrylic/enamel composition, and that chemical to color combination was absent in many other companies.

FAQs about Floquil

Will the Floquil colors I order from you exactly match the existing colors I have?

The Floquil colors ought to be close to the original and likely is about as authentic a color match as you can expect, but chances are high they will not match precisely enough for a touch up. Remember that the Floquil color chart we have is many years old, and your existing colors may be as old or older. Colors change over time, especially over this long period of time. We do our best to preserve our color charts in good condition, but unless we had a mint copy that has been unffected by age, there is no way to know how much the color has drifted from the original.

How long will I wait for my order of Floquil color matched paint to arrive?
There is a production lead time to make your Floquil color matched paint. MyPerfectColor understands the importance of time to our customers, and we do our best to ship orders as soon as possible. 70% of our orders ship within 48 hours, but we do offer a 1 business day delivery guarantee option as well that is available during checkout. Learn more about paint delivery lead times at MyPerfectColor.
What can Floquil matched paint be used for?
Technically Floquil paint colors could be used to paint anything, but if you are looking for paint matching Floquil colors, then chances are just about one hundred percent that you are looking for paint to restore or repaint model trains or other vintage models. Contact MyPerfectColor support if you have specific questions or need assistance.
What is Floquil Paint?

Floquil paint was a line of paint produced by Testor Corporation made specifically for the use of painting model sets such as model train/railroad kits and model airplanes. The colors in the line were unique and consisted of an acrylic or enamel substance.

Paint matching Floquil colors can be purchased directly from the Floquil color page on MyPerfectColor. Contact MyPerfectColor support if you have specific questions or need assistance.

I'm looking to restore an old model train but you don't have the color I need. Can you help me create the paint color I need?
Absolutely. MyPerfectColor specializes in duplicating difficult to match colors and often works with vintage, rare and valuable artifacts. Learn more about custom paint color matching services.
Are matches of Floquil paint colors only available in acrylic enamel paint?
Not with MyPerfectColor! Our team matches Floquil paint colors in many different variations, ranging from spray paints and all the way to the most specific touch up paints. The most common paint types for modeling paint would be the acrylic enamel, but MyPerfectColor will provide these colors in a wide variety of paint types including custom artist acrylics and even house paint. Learn more about buying paint on MyPerfectColor.
What is the difference between Floquil™ and Lionel Trains™ paint colors?
The only real difference (as both paints consisted of the same or similar material) is Floquil being no more than a line of paint produced by Testor Corporation to go along with their model railroads and trains. This differs from Lionel Trains (formerly Lionel Corporation), who produced their paints and trains alongside one another under the same title. Lionel Trains still produces model trains and railroads, as well as many of the paints closely related to each set, which is in contrast with Floquil paints, as they were discontinued in 2013. As such, Floquil paint matches are more difficult to achieve because of their absence, but MyPerfectColor offers a large selection of paints from both Lionel Trains and Floquil assortments regardless through consistent color matching efforts.
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