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Environmentally Friendly Zero VOC Paints


Benjamin Moore Natura Zero VOC PaintThe environmental-friendliness of paint is measured in the amount of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Typically these VOCs are expressed in grams per liter. For example, the Benjamin Moore Natura has 0 grams/liter of VOCs and the Benjamin Moore Aura, a low VOC paint, has 50 grams/liter. To put these numbers into context, a typical latex flat wall paint has about 250 grams/liter and oil-based paints have well over 400 grams/liter.

These VOCs are inherent in component ingredients that paint manufacturers put in paint for a variety of reasons. The most common would be to improve certain characteristics of the paint's performance such as its durability, dry time, leveling properties (e.g. minimizing brush strokes) and even the minimum weather temperature in which the paint can be used. In the past, there was a huge trade-off between a paints performance and its VOCs. However, Benjamin Moore has changed the rules with its new paint technology. Aura was Benjamin Moore's first paint product that it launched on its new waterborne paint technology (and Aura still remains the finest quality paint available). The Aura uses the new patented waterborne technology which enables it to achieve a superior performance with extremely low VOCs (superior hide, coverage, durability, fade resistance, low odor and color vibrancy).

Benjamin is now extending the new technology for its new zero voc paint called Natura. The Natura doesn't contain any VOCs - it is 0 grams/liter and it is extremely odorless. However, the fact that is it zero VOC isn't all that exciting. Zero VOC paints have been around a long time. But what is exciting is that Natura is a high-performance paint product - you no longer need to sacrifice durability, fade resistance, washability or even the color you want to use in order to be a good citizen of the earth. Natura delivers a zero voc paint that performs as good as any top quality paint (except it isn't quite as good as Aura), it is available in any color and is washable, durable, fade resistant and covers well.

And even more impressive, Natura can be tinted to any color and remains zero VOC. This is in stark contrast to other zero voc paints that only remain zero voc until color is added. Natura is zero regardless of its color.

The Benjamin Moore Natura is available in a primer, flat, eggshell or semi-gloss finishes.