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Deep Ellum Water Tower & Shepard Fairey

The Continental Gin Company in Deep Ellum, Texas was built in 1914 and includes a water tower that is a landmark to this Texas community located just outside of Dallas. Recently, during the renovation of the water tower, Goldman Global Arts commissioned a design by well-known American artist Shepard Fairey that would transform the water tower into a piece of art for the Deep Ellum community.  Goldman Global Arts is a creative collective and the curating arm of Goldman Properties. They have pioneered incorporating street art into urban developments around the country in cities such as New York, Miami, and Dallas.

Shepard Fairy Deep Ellum Water Tower

{image source Goldman Global Arts}

The mural titled, “Cultivate Harmony,” was painted by Shepard Fairey and covers the 150-foot-tall water tower. Shepard Fairey is most well-known for his HOPE image of former President Barack Obama.

Because of the nature of water towers, Induron was brought in by Tankspek to supply the coatings for the project; Induron is an industry leader in high-performance coatings for water towers and other industrial structures.

Initially, the team at Induron had no idea that Shepard Fairey and his team planned on using aerosols. The team at Induron was not accustomed to working with aerosols because most aerosols are not designed to paint structures such as a water tower.

Induron worked with the TankSpek and the Goldman Global Arts team to obtain the paint on the artist specs. Shepard Fairey’s team had roughly 8-10 colors that needed to be supplied in that high-performance paint in aerosol form to make a smooth transition for the artist and his team.

Deep Ellum Tx Water tower

{image source Goldman Global Arts}

Enter MyPerfectColor onto the project. MyPerfectColor was brought in by Goldman Global Arts to package the Induron paint in aerosol form as well as to quality test the paint.

Paul Powers, from Induron, said of his experience with MyPerfectColor: “Jason and his group were able to put it [Induron coatings] into a can, which was remarkable. They opened a wide opportunity by doing this.”

The aerosols were delivered on time and production was a relatively smooth process except for one rainy day.  While there were some challenges with the paint drying speed due to humidity, overall, Shepard and his team were very pleased with the final product and the overall experience.

{image source Goldman Global Arts}

Here at MyPerfectColor, we were excited to have the opportunity to work with amazing industry partners in Goldman Global Arts, Obey Giant, and Induron on a high-profile project that will have such a positive impact on so many people.