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Custom Spray Paint for PDQ Display Prototypes

PDQ Display Retail
The fact that you're here means that you probably know what PDQ stands for, but for those who aren't sure, PDQ stands for "Pretty Darn Quick" (or "Pretty Damn Quick" if you're so inclined!).  Walmart popularized the term as the early descriptor for today’s Retail-Ready Packaging (RRP) or Shelf-Ready Packaging (SRP). If you can envision a nice retail display where customers can just grab a product on their way to the check out, then you're familiar with PDQ.
PDQ Displays aimed to save time for employees who stock shelves; basically, the PDQ displays are filled with merchandise and are meant to be taken out of a shipping box and placed directly on the shelf/display. This not only increases the speed and efficiency of employees stocking shelves, but can also improve the merchandising quality and customer experience.  You can see some examples of PDQ displays here and here.
We get a steady flow of business customers to MyPerfectColor who are in the business of creating PDQ Displays for their clients, and their most common question is "How can I get custom paint for my PDQ display prototype or project?" They often need to create mockups for displays, and they need to have the displays match the brand colors of their customers, so they need to know where to buy paint for PDQ projects. 
MyPerfectColor is the perfect partner for PDQ designers, as we can match any paint color, including Pantone®, RAL, Fed Std 595C, and many more.
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