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Color Washing Faux Finishing Technique


Color washing uses a sponge or soft bristle glazing brush to apply the glaze and water mixture giving your walls a "weathered-look". This effect gives the room a burst of energy and provides a sense of comfort that is essential for any home.

This effect is one of the easiest faux finishing techniques because there is no pattern or application method you must follow. In general a base color is applied and given at least 8 hours to dry before the glaze is applied. Once the base coat is dried the glaze is mixed in a bucket, one part water and one part paint to 3 parts glaze(e.g. 1 quart paint, 1 quart water, and 3 quarts glaze). After mixing, the glaze is applied with a brush or rag in any pattern that tickles your fancy. Glaze extender should be used so the glaze does not begin to dry before you have had a chance to work with it. After letting the first coat of glaze dry a second coat may be applied if necessary. MyPerfectColor makes your project easier by providing pre-mixed glazes for all your faux finishes. Below are the more popular color washing color combinations.

Base Color -Decorators White
Glaze - Cape Blue (1642)