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Burnishing is the unnecessary extra glossy effect on parts of your wall surface that happens due to continuous friction or rubbing. Burnishing causes an uneven effect as some parts are shinier than other parts of your wall. Burnishing is common in parts of homes where there is high activity.

The Cause
Some flat paints cannot resist the effects of rubbing and get burnished quicker than dome top quality paints. Spot cleaning with chemical liquids and frequently washing the area can also cause burnishing. At times the friction caused or pressure put by furniture on the surface of walls can also cause burnishing. The use of low quality paints that have low resistance to scrubbing and staining can lead to this problem.

The Solution
As much as possible, do not place furniture near or against the wall. In areas of high activity and areas that require frequent cleaning such as around doors and windows, never use flat sheen paint. Rather use a good latex-based paint, a semi-gloss or a satin paint. Avoid washing the walls for at least a month after painting. Avoid abrasive cleaning liquids. Rather, use mild soapy water and a sponge to clean the walls. Non-burnishing flat paints that are ideal for such areas are available in the market.