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When doors and windows stick to their frames, jamming them as a result, the problem is called “Blocking.” This happens due to the adhesive properties of paint that make two surfaces to stick together. You may have noticed that it is difficult to open and close windows or doors due to this problem. As a result paint peels off and the door or window looks shabby.

The Cause
Blocking happens if you close the doors or windows without allowing the paint to dry. This also happens when the second coat is applied without giving the first coat enough time to dry. Some gloss or semi-gloss paints have high adhesive properties, and may result in blocking under certain conditions.

The Solution
Always use a good quality gloss or semi-gloss latex-based paint. Poor quality latex-based paints have higher adhesive properties and can cause blocking in warm and damp weather. Look for the word “block resistant” on the paint can. Acrylic latex-based paints dry faster and make the surfaces block resistant earlier than vinyl latex-based paints or oil-based paints. Alkyd-based paints take time to dry, but overtime they offer higher block resistant properties. If the paint of your choice has been causing blocking, maybe you could apply talcum powder between the surfaces. This will reduce friction and keep the paint from peeling off.