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Benjamin Moore Aura Paint


The newest, and finest Benjamin Moore Paint. Aura can be mixed to match any color - you get the color you want with a rich, beautiful finish that will last for years. To see products and read more about Aura, scroll down the page.
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Benjamin Moore Aura Paint


Benjamin Moore Aura™ is the finest paint Benjamin Moore has ever made. Bringing paint technology to new heights, Benjamin Moore Aura paint brings rich, beautiful color to your home with less work and much more durability. Benjamin Moore's new Colorlock technology is unmatched in the industry; bringing you richer colors and unparalleled performance. And not only is the new Benjamin Moore Aura Paint phenomenally good, it is also an extremely low voc paint which is environmentally friendly and odorless.  
Amazing Durability and Washability -- Aura paint's extremely strong new paint resin technology platform enables you to use any finish, in any color, on any surface. You no longer have to use eggshell or a gloss when you need durability. Aura enables you to use a matte in the bathroom or on the trim - it's your choice. Each finish has the same durability, washability, mildew resistance, stain resistance and scuff resistance. Aura also has an incredibly velvety smooth finish. You can feel and see the difference. And it is waterborne --- Aura is a low voc paint (volatile organic compounds) which is odorless and great for the environment.  
Covers amazingly well. No other paint covers like Benjamin Moore Aura Paint. You'll get complete coverage with one paint coat with most colors -- two coats guaranteed -- any color.  In conventional paints, deeper colors need more coats for good coverage; sometimes many more coats. Benjamin Moore Aura Paint never needs more than two coats on even the deepest and brightest colors. It dries much faster, too, so you can recoat after only one hour.
No Primer Needed. Aura is also self-priming, so you not only save money by not needing to buy primer, you also save hours of labor by reducing a needed coat of paint. With Benjamin Moore Aura Paint, you can paint over brand new sheetrock with two coats of Aura in any color in any finish, and you are done. Amazing.
New Harmonizing, Trend-Setting Colors - Benjamin Moore created a new collection of colors which are only available in Aura. (note: Aura Paint can be made in any color - any Benjamin Moore color, or any color from any other paint brand) The Affinity Colors collection contains 144 new colors that harmonize well with one another. Conventional paint systems cannot replicate the stellar performance of the new Aura Affinity Colors because of Benjamin Moore's proprietary color technology which is found only in Aura.  


Key Features of Benjamin Moore Aura Paint:

  • Fully washable and durable in any finish (matte, eggshell or satin)
  • Ready to recoat in only one hour 
  • Paint flows and levels exceptionally well 
  • Paint touches-up exceptionally well 
  • Colors are richer, more vibrant when made in Aura Paint 
  • Exceptional coverage in any color
  • No primer needed 
  • 144 exclusive, harmonious colors (New Aura Affinity Collection)
  • Velvety smoothness you can feel and see
  • Environmentally friendly low VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Odorless and mildew resistant

Cutting-edge color science. The new color technology sets Aura apart from every other paint on the market. Color pigments are bonded microscopically to the paint film, locking in color for richer, more vibrant colors and unsurpassed durability. ColorLock increases the performance of 100% acrylic paint to new breakthrough levels.

  1. A proprietary 100% acrylic Hybrid Resin System makes Aura paint resistant to water spotting, burnishing and color ruboff. Colorlock keeps the just-painted look even in damp environments or after multiple washings.
  2. Special  coalescing agents optimally balance dry time and open time enabling incredibly smooth and velvety application, easy touchups, and one-hour recoats.
  3. Custom thickeners give Aura exceptional flow and leveling properties, along with enhanced film build for superior coverage for even the deepest shades.
  4. An exclusive waterborne-based formulation using waterborne colorants results in an ultra premium coating that offers low VOCs, supporting Benjamin Moore's commitment to environmental stewardship.


Since every color is custom-tinted in Aura, there are no returns or refunds. All sales are final.

For information about how to use Aura, read the Benjamin Moore Aura Application Tips guide.

Watch the Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Scrubability Demonstration. You'll be amazed.
Most orders ship the same day in high-quality crush-resistant special paint shipping boxes and each can is specially sealed with an overseal ring to prevent cans from opening during shipment.