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Bath and Spa Paint


Baths and Spas require a special kind of paint. Wet environments like bathrooms and spas place extra demands on paint and need extra durability, more mildew resistance, more washability and resistance to surfactant leaching.

If you have bathroom with a shower, more than likely you've noticed drip marks on the wall that just don't come off. This is due to two things: first, the water itself has minerals that remain on the surface once the water evaporates. And second, the water leaches surfactants from the paint film. These surfactants come from the universal colorants that paint companies use to tint colors. The Benjamin Moore Aura paints use revolutionary new paint technology that doesn't rely on surfactants and therefore won't create these drip marks. Moreover, they are extra washable and durable and therefore will improve your ability to remove any mineral deposit build up from your walls.

The Benjamin Moore Aura Eggshell will works well in wet bath and spa environments.