Authentic Military Paint Color Matches

Authentic MIlitary Paint Color Matches

MyPerfectColor holds a selection of more than 250,000 colors available in multiple different kinds of paint. Many of these colors are matches of pre-existing colors that are symbolic of a brand or corporation. An example to help understand what we mean: Pepsi® is widely and almost instantly recognizable in part because of their signature colors. This is a constant factor in businesses, a factor that improves recognition. Our team matches many well known and recognizable colors from across the business world in all of the paints we have at our disposal to suit any need you have color-wise. Similarly, the military also garners a lot of recognition regarding colors, and our Authentic Military color selection currently has 100+ classics.

Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors

The Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors were used by the US Federal Government from 1943 through 1970 to standardize colors applied to aircraft manufactured by the American aircraft industry. The ANA standard was cancelled on April 16, 1970 when the colors were transferred to the Federal Standard 595A. Practically all military aircraft manufactured through 1960 were painted to the ANA standard. However, the background of ANA Paint Colors extends a bit further.

Initially, the color cards and their respective paint colors used by the Aircorps were replaced fairly quickly, or only a couple colors remained in use near the end. By 1938, only 2 of the original 24 colors in the Spec 3-1-Nov 28, 1919, but that didn’t matter much as another Specification was rolled out that same year, essentially serving as a replacement, though only for approximately two years. Plates from these older lines are incredibly hard to find today, though they were still in use for reference and color matching until at least 1960.

On September 16th, 1940, Army Air Forces Bulletin No.41 Color Card for Camouflage Finishes was being issued to serve as a new standard for Army Air Force colors, consisting of 8 colors initially, later increasing to 9 colors with the revised color card in 1942. Supplements for Spec 3-1 were also produced as a revision of Spec 3-1 in April of 1943, consisting of 8 card sheets, complete with gloss, semigloss, and matte color sheets.

Authentic Military Paint Colors

In September, 1943, the switch to the Army-Navy Aeronautical Colors (ANA) would fully be recognized with the ANA Bulletin No. 157, replacing the AAF Bulletin No. 41 as the standard for camouflage. This line of colors was signified by the “600” color code designations attached to the title of the color. Additionally, in December of the same year, a second line would follow, ANA Bulletin No. 166, which consisted of glossy color finishes for aircraft. These colors were denoted by their “500” color code designations. The colors in these lines would eventually be converted to the Modern Federal Standard and AMS Colors.

World War I and II Military Colors

Color standards have changed with time, and many of the colors attributed to the military in World War I and II have since been replaced or revamped. The colors used on weaponry and vehicles during the 1910s and 1940s when the wars were taking place are not the same ones that are used in the current system, and many have been retired or modified, but this does not affect the fact that they are iconic, and widely recognized in society. MyPerfectColor realizes this, and we have pulled together many historical and collectible colors from these times, and we can match them in any of our paint styles for your painting needs.

We offer many colors seen in the wars, ranging from the most recognizable camouflages to even some of the more obscure and foreign colors. See all of our available matched colors in the Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors, World War I Military Colors, and World War II Military Colors sections below.


FAQs about Authentic Military Paint Color Matches

How quickly are Authentic Military Paint Color Matches made in paint and shipped?
All paint is custom made per the order, which can determine when your product will be shipped alongside other aspects of the order, such as unit amount or just general complexity. Most orders ship within the frame of 2-3 days, and 70% of orders ship in the first 48 hours. We provide an Expedited Production option if you need guaranteed shipment within 1 business day.
What is the difference between Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors and World War I/II Colors?
The ANA Bulletin Paint Colors are official colors that are still in governmental use under a more modern system known as the Modern Federal Standard 595, as they were revised and added to that system as time went on to keep all colors previously used for military procurement up to date. The World War I/II Colors that we offer are matches of colors seen or used during the wars, though some of the colors were never officially licensed with numeric designations, and some didn’t even have a title given to them. Many of the WWI and WWII Colors offered are also home to foreign/external countries, whereas the ANA Bulletin Paint Colors were all licensed by the United States of America.
Are the Authentic Military Paint Colors the same as the originals?
In coloration and tone, they are or are incredibly close to identical to the original versions that were produced. The color matches either are entirely or are practically indistinguishable from the color of origin as many colors were matched from authentic items. As for paint type, the style of paint is generally solely dependent on what it will be used for. Spray paint is the most popular option with collectors doing restoration work.
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