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Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors


Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors

The Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors were used by the US Federal Government from 1943 through 1970 to standardize colors applied to aircraft manufactured by the American aircraft industry. The ANA standard was cancelled on April 16, 1970 when the colors were transferred to the Federal Standard 595A. Practically all military aircraft manufactured through 1960 were painted to the ANA standard.

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FAQs about Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors


What is the difference between ANA, Federal Standard 595B, 595C and AMS Standard 595?
The US Government periodically updates its color specifications by adding and removing certain colors to update with the times. The Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) set color standards from 1943 through 1970 for all military aircraft manufactured in the United States until about 1960. The 595A spec replaced the ANA in 1970. 595B superseded 595A in January 1994. 595C superseded 595B in January 2008 and AMS-STD-595 superseded 595C in February 2017.
Can you make any Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Paint Colors in Paint?
We can provide any Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) paint colors in spray paint as well as many other types including touch up pens, brush-in-cap bottles, direct-to-metal alkyds and acrylics and even two-part epoxies and urethanes. Visit any Federal Standard color page on MyPerfectColor to see the available options and pricing. Learn more about our custom spray paint.
When will I get my Army-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin (ANA) Color Matched Paint?
All paint is custom made to order, so the production lead time depends on our backlog and your order size/complexity. Most orders ship within 2-3 days and 70% of orders ship within 48 hours. Indicate the date you need to receive it by in the order comments and we’ll do our best to accommodate. If you need guaranteed shipment within 1 business day we do offer an Expedited Production option available during checkout. If you have any questions please contact us. Learn more about paint lead times.


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